Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What to do?

So, I have been wanting to develop a hobby that does not consist solely of reading. I love my reading, but it isn't hard for me to incorporate it into my day. I want to do something that yields results of some sort. I would like to start crafting, cooking, and exercising.

I'm really getting into Pinterest again and the crafting ideas just look great. I'm already thinking of great Christmas presents that Spencer and I can give that won't be too expensive. I'm actually pretty excited because it will save us a lot of money. I made an OSU fleece blanket today! It's my first official craft during my happiness project. I'm currently covered up with it. I'll post pictures later. I'm can't wait to start my next project- it'll be even easier that this, though! Haha, and Spencer made up a rule that I have to finish one project before I start another. I think that that is a good rule. I tend to hop from one thing to another because of boredom, but if I focus I can get things done!

Also because of Pinterest, I'd like to get into cooking. I would love to learn how to cook more than just desserts! XD Haha. I do know I can make some yummy desserts, but that isn't very healthy. I just think I'd feel more mature if I knew how to cook meals that don't come from a box. Plus, I've noticed that after I cook, I don't feel as hungry.

Lastly, I want to develop exercising as a hobby. I'm starting to walk 30 minutes a day to get into the habit. Tonight's walk wasn't that great, but I plan on walking in the mornings anyway. Eventually, I'd like to start running, but for now I just want to get into the habit or moving. In the end, I hope to lose some body fat, gain some muscles, and drop a few sizes. I'll do a more in-depth post about this later.

I'm still thinking of possible hobbies to try. In the meantime, I'll just focus on these.


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