Monday, September 3, 2012

Cleaning Progress

Over the last week or two I've been doing some major cleaning.

Because I live between two houses (my parent's house and my boyfriend's place) I'm constantly unsure of the whereabouts of any clothing that I am currently not wearing. To solve this, I decided to move all my clothes to my boyfriend's place and just bring 5 outfits a week over to my parent's house. I washed a lot of laundry and even managed to get my boyfriend to go through his clothes to get rid of stuff. I managed to weed out things I wouldn't/couldn't wear so that we ended up splitting his closet right down the middle. We've even split his dresser in half too, but I secretly have one whole drawer empty in it. Like Gretchen in The Happiness Project, I feel so liberated by knowing I can shove anything in that drawer to pick up last minute if someone comes over.

The Closet
Spencer helped me sort through a hall closet at my parents house. I really wish I could have gotten a before and after picture. The thing was filled to the tippy top and I filled two industrial sized trash bags, three boxes, and still have some stuff next to the closet to get rid of. We had computer boxes, tv boxes, shoe boxes, an old computer monitor, paint cans, paint brushes, tack strips, screw drives, luggage, a bike pump, sand paper, sanders, power tools, trimming, razor blades, marbles, washers, facets, outlet covers, lightswitch covers, and SO much more.
Then I moved in my stuff. :) I have a couple shirts in there, my two boxes of random stuff, a six shelf hanging organizer, my over the door shoe organizer, my backpack, and a shelf unit, and lastly a three piece drawer thing. The closet door won't close though because of my shoe organizer. I don't care though. I'm just glad I have most my stuff out of the living room.

The Dining Room
Our dining room used to be lined with boxes from wall to wall. I basically threw everything away or compacted like things into a few boxes. The boxes that were now emptied got used to clean out the closet (above). Then I swept and vaccuumed. This was such a back breaking thing to do, but I know my mom will appreciate it when she has to work with the kid she watches in there.

The Kitchen
After making Spencer's birthday "cake," I decided to do the dishes. With the dishes comes cleaning the counters and sweeping the floor. My kind and thoughtful brother helped me decide on mopping the floor by smashing my Diet Dr. Pepper (accidentally) to the ground. Sooo, I mopped the floor as well.

I haven't done much in the bathrooms. So far I've only cleaned one toilet and cleared off some sink space. Plus, I put my laundry hamper in the bathroom so that we won't have a giant pile of clothes on the ground. :) I hope it keeps things from getting so soggy.

My next goal is to take the rest of the stuff out to the garage and bring in some pillows.

That's all for now. :)

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