Monday, June 24, 2013


Tonight we went to Spencer's parent's house and ate dinner. It was nice because I haven't been going over there lately due to laziness. Haha, and plus I got to see Dakota's hamster- Ham ham.

We had ribs and tatertots. Then, I totally fell asleep. I was just so relaxed.

There's my quick update. I'm trying to play with my hedgehog. :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I lost 1.2 pounds today according to weight watchers. :) Yay. Slowly dropping those pounds again. Once I start hitting the gym up I expect to see that number start dropping faster!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I started my period today, so I'm kind of ho-hum. Bleh.

I plan on going to the dollar store today to get some organizational things. :) Because I'm addicted! I shouldn't be spending money but come on! It's the dollar store!

I want to organize underneath the bathroom sinks and my gardening stuff.

We'll see. I've been pinteresting up a storm here lately. Haha, I think I'm going to go do that and then clean the litter boxes. :/



Monday, June 17, 2013


Yesterday Spencer and I went out to eat at Arby's and discussed our finances. We don't have very much money and we need to start spending/saving. However, with bills and whatnot it is hard. Of course everyone has bills! We are no different, but it does seem more difficult than it has been.

Mostly, I think, because of the fact that he keeps paying for everything for his brother. Oh well. I can't be naggy towards him. It's just, we can't keep spending twenty dollars for ice cream every time he hangs out with us. It isn't okay that we have to pay for everything just for him to hang out.

Another thing: Yesterday Spencer and I did a couple good deeds. There was a poor man sitting outside Wal-Mart with a sign asking for help- any kind of help. We gave him a couple water bottles, some bananas, and we gave him the $10.00 gift card I got from work for being employee of the month. Later at Homeland there was a family who didn't quite have enough money and put back a little kid's lunchable. He was quite devastated, but was still behaving pretty well. We went ahead and bought it for them and he was very happy. Haha. :)
I know you aren't supposed to 'brag' about doing good things for others. But why not? If the feeling I get from talking about doing good makes ME happy. Then I'm more likely to do it more. Soooo hmph!


Friday, June 14, 2013


My job at work used to be to  make pizzas for two hours, then do register/clean for six hours. This worked fine and dandy.

However, now we've had to make changes to the schedule due to some major conflicts and now I don't come in at 8:00am, but at 9:30. The job I do at 9:30 takes the other person coming in at 8:00am and working until 10:30 to complete. So, basically I have to come in an hour and a half later and do everything they did in one hour before I am FORCED to go do register.

Yesterday it went terribly. As soon as my other register girl came, I ran to the back to try and finish stuff up but it just wasn't working out. Not to mention one of my co-workers is REALLY grumpy in the morning and was just being a jerk to me. On the flip side, one co-worker was really sympathetic and helpful and it made me want to cry!

I'm hoping today goes better.

After all that running around yesterday morning the afternoon was great. My 'work boyfriend' was really sweet to me. It was wonderful. :)


Thursday, June 13, 2013

House Keeping!

So, lately in an effort to accomplish my June goals, I have been cleaning the house more regularly. I've been sweeping like a crazy, cleaning the litterbox daily (should probably already be doing that, huh?), doing dishes, and folding laundry.

This is all normal, I mean... normal cleaning stuff. Cleaning isn't necessarily normal for me. Anyway, because I have work in the morning and am required to wear black- which shows all the cat hair and whatnot I have have been cleaning in my underwear.

I like it! Haha. I don't get all hot and I don't have to worry about getting my clothes dirty. Then I'm also able to tell if I'm missing something that is apart of my uniform. For example, when cleaning with my uniform on- as soon as I have to leave, I leave. Leaving behind my hat, my lunch, etc. Now, I get completely dressed at one time and remember all my clothing. :)

I'll spare you a picture today.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chazzy's first bath

I filled up the sink with about an inch of warm water and let him run around like a mad man. Actually, he probably was a mad man. He was so grateful when I stuck my hand in there and he was able to climb out. I wrapped him in a towel and he was as snug as a bug in a rug.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday!

My future father-in-law turned fifty three today! So we treated the family to some deeply discounted Mazzio's Buffet. :) Delicious.

Then we went to their house and watched the second half of The Possession and had cake and ice cream. Overall it was a fun night. ;)

Earlier this morning I had a busy day at work and learned quite a lot. Despite having worked there for a while I can't believe how much I really don't know. But I''m learning! I got off work an hour late and then went to K-Mart and got cat food, cat litter, shorts, Diet Root Beer, and some Sharpies. Plus, I decided to treat the cats to some canned cat food! Mija is the only one that actually ate all her's! Kiki and Church decided to lick all the juicy liquid out of them and just leave the actual meat. Those lame-o's! Haha. When I got home I did dishes, cleaned the litter boxes, swept, put two loads of laundry in, and folded a crap-ton of clothing. It felt like quite a productive day.

I'd really feel way more accomplished if I had managed to fit in a workout and a tanning session AND read some of my book. I like the book I am reading right now, Wicked. But I just don't ever seem to find time to read it. I will though. I certainly will.



Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Review

Saturday-- Went and paid bills with Chico. Then we ate Chinese and headed to Bingo. Bingo was a bust haha, we didn't win at all, but we did get in a dabber fight.

Sunday we woke up and saw that mom and dad had decided that we were going rafting- immediately. So we had to jump out of bed and hurry up and get ready. We spent a full day on the river. Boy did I get sunburned. It is just draining me!

Work today was a bit sucky. Definitely not one of my favorite days. I tried to stay cheerful.

I was reading an Oprah magazine during the car ride to the River Ranch Resort and I loved Martha Beck's article. Her's are my favorite part of the magazine along with the book suggestions. Anyway, she listed lazy ways to make others feel better.

One of her suggestions was to pretend that everyone in the room loves you. I loved that suggestion. If I walked into my parents' house, I know everyone loves me and is happy to see me. I let down my guard and so do they. So I think another important aspect is to love everyone in the room back. Doing this I feel we can build much stronger connections and have happier days.

I do feel that I am usually cheerful and optimistic about things, especially at work. Today, things were just really getting me down.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Goals for June

I know it is already eight days into June, but its never too late to make a goal in my book! Haha.

I just want to live with purpose that way I can look back and KNOW that I did do something!

  1. Order Lion King Tickets
  2. Go to Lion King Show
  3. Read Wicked
  4. Pay June Bills
  5. Organize Filing System
  6. Weed Garden
  7. Clean Litter Box at least three times a week
  8. Lose Five Pounds
  9. Workout Twelve Times
  10. Mop Floors

Friday, June 7, 2013

My favorite quote...

"You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit."

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dollar Store Purchases!

I got off work today basically on time so I went to the Dollar Tree. :)

Cotton pads and nail polish remover. I haven't been painting my nails. Then over the weekend I decided I would. Come Monday, when I had work I remembered why I hadn't been painting them! Because I didn't have nail polish remover, so I had to wear gloves all day just in case. Now I can start painting my nails again with no harm done!

I also bought glue (a two pack) and a book. I just can't resist a cheap book. I found a pack of clothes pins. I'm currently in love with patriotic stuff right now, so I'm thinking I will paint them red, white, and blue for the fourth of july and stuff. I might also paint an Ohio State University one for my Aunt.

Lastly, the main reason I went was to get a metal spatula and some tongs. We have a new (CHEAP) grill and have cooked out the two out of two nights that we've owned it. However, we have been using my parents utensils to cook. Now we have our own.

The total came to $8.??. :) It was a happy shopping day for me.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Chazzy is my waayy cute, waay adorable, super muncher hedgehog! Look how freakkkking adorable he is. OMG he is so cute that I can't control my excessive letter-adding! 

In the beginning there was much confusion as to what sex Chazzy was. Haha, boy or girl!?! First he was Chazzy then Nola, then Chazzy, then Nola and now FINALLY (I hope) he is Chazzy! I'm serious, he is the cutest freaking creature ever!

And the cats mostly leave him alone. ;)

So, I'm starting a new... "challenge." I'm going to be blogging 21 days out of the month until my next birthday. Because, y'know, I'm twenty one. 

Also, update on the weight loss..... or lack thereof. Yeah, I haven't lost weight. At all. My eating has been horrendous. Truly truly awful. But something about a whole new month and summer just encourages the heck out of me! So, breakfast was some cherries and water!

On Monday, I'll be starting my running plan too! Be excited for me!


((P.S. I'm lobster red from Sunfest!))