Sunday, May 12, 2013


Got my hedgehog yesterday! So excited. I think (s)he might be cold though because she was shaking a lot. so I have her warming up. :)

Happy mother's day all you mamas!

Also, we have two new cats! Well, they aren't ours, but we are watching them for three weeks.

Pictures later!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I recently read a book titled Decisive. This book was wonderful! It was part business book/part self-help book. It described a process of making decisions in life and business that best suit your needs. I totally love the book and even visited the website to use some of their resources.

One thing that I've specifically been thinking about is their suggestions of widening your options (AND not OR) and of test driving a certain circumstance. Chico and I had been discussing me quitting my job and taking a break while looking for a more professional job outside of the food industry. So in our mind it was quit/look for a job OR stay at Mazzios. After reading the book, I've decided to keep my job AND look for another but at the same time taking more control of my schedule so that I have time to enter into a job/career search.

In addition, I may be taking classes over the summer at Rogers State University. I hope so anyway. :)

Anyway, I should get to sleep- after all, I have school/finals and work tomorrow.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Who am I Most Like?

There is a quote that I thought was interesting... something like... "You become more like the top 5 people you spend your time with. Choose wisely."
I probably ruined the crap out of the quote.

Anyway, I spend time with my Chico. Seeing as he is my boyfriend of almost five years and we live together in a house. He can be hilarious and witty and temperamental. There's good and bad of course.

Then I guess... Kiki? My cat?! Haha, she's whiny and beautiful. Can I become more beautiful by being with her? She loves me the most. :) So, I love her the most! Haha.

My next person would probably be Ashton my friend, coworker, and college peer. We talk at work and at school. A lot. We understand each other. She can be short, driven, excited, and blunt. Plus, SHE'S PRETTY. And in shape. Although she claims not to be, but whatever.

My last people would have to be people I strictly work with. I see them daily and honestly spend more time around them, although I am not necessarily hanging out with them. These people are all adults with dry senses of humor, but with their lives already put together. Not much life planning to do. They are are hard-workers and full of knowledge of our city and its resources.

I can't decide if I'm like the people I spend time with. Like, truly similar to them with my characteristics. However, I'm off to go spend more time with them!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

The End is Near

The end of the semester is coming up and I'm super excited!
  • Bio. Movie Review
  • Humanities Essay Gather Humanities Notes
  • Copy Old Test
  • Rewrite past notes
  • Humanities Exam
  • Ethics Exam
  • Biology Study Guide (8 Questions a day)
  • Go over lab procedures
  • Biology Exam
Then unrelated to tests:
  • Blog as frequently as possible
  • Get Hedgehog Cage Finished!
  • Enroll in Fall Semester
  • Find Resume
I'm going to go get started. Oh, did I mention that my loving Kiki has decided to help- by attacking my pens!? Such a considerate cat.