Thursday, December 5, 2013

Excited and frightened. Frozen.

When I hung out with Kayla the other day, she said she would talk to her boss about me working there, also. Well, the boss, Carol, wants my resume! I am super excited, but also terrified. I am so afraid that I'll turn it in and she will decide that she doesn't want me. I am so thankful to Kayla for this. I definitely would not have the courage to ask Carol for employment, myself.

So, I just need to turn in the resume and Carol will set up an interview time with me for some time next week. I am kind of worried and scared and excited and frozen in fear.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Let-Down

I was kind of excited that I was going to actually not have to work ALL day and would be able to check out all my favorite online websites. But once I started looking around it looks like all the BEST deals happened on Black Friday and the Cyber Monday deals aren't half as good.

What a let down.

Wal-Greens does have their ten cent pictures again, so that is good. I'm in the process of putting together an order right now!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Goals

I always get hyped up at the beginning of a month. I'm so excited to have a clean fresh slate ahead of me to fill in ways that I think are important! It's just so exciting! :) Here are the goals:
  1. Take 'nutcracker' pictures w/Andrew
  2. Watch Walk the Line
  3. Watch Cloud Atlas
  4. Make OSU blanket
  5. Give Mackenzie her b-day gift
  6. Get presents for everyone on X-mas list
  7. Hang out with Ashton
  8. Hang out with Kaywa
  9. Workout at gym at least 12 times
  10. Clean room
  11. Read (at least) one book- The Kept Man
  12. Update blog 12 times
  13. Take 'mustache' pictures of people
  14. Take 'fighting' pictures of people
  15. Organize room
  16. Decorate boxes of underwear 
  17. Check on Nutcracker tickets for mom
  18. Try two new dessert recipes