Sunday, June 2, 2013


Chazzy is my waayy cute, waay adorable, super muncher hedgehog! Look how freakkkking adorable he is. OMG he is so cute that I can't control my excessive letter-adding! 

In the beginning there was much confusion as to what sex Chazzy was. Haha, boy or girl!?! First he was Chazzy then Nola, then Chazzy, then Nola and now FINALLY (I hope) he is Chazzy! I'm serious, he is the cutest freaking creature ever!

And the cats mostly leave him alone. ;)

So, I'm starting a new... "challenge." I'm going to be blogging 21 days out of the month until my next birthday. Because, y'know, I'm twenty one. 

Also, update on the weight loss..... or lack thereof. Yeah, I haven't lost weight. At all. My eating has been horrendous. Truly truly awful. But something about a whole new month and summer just encourages the heck out of me! So, breakfast was some cherries and water!

On Monday, I'll be starting my running plan too! Be excited for me!


((P.S. I'm lobster red from Sunfest!))

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