Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Review

Saturday-- Went and paid bills with Chico. Then we ate Chinese and headed to Bingo. Bingo was a bust haha, we didn't win at all, but we did get in a dabber fight.

Sunday we woke up and saw that mom and dad had decided that we were going rafting- immediately. So we had to jump out of bed and hurry up and get ready. We spent a full day on the river. Boy did I get sunburned. It is just draining me!

Work today was a bit sucky. Definitely not one of my favorite days. I tried to stay cheerful.

I was reading an Oprah magazine during the car ride to the River Ranch Resort and I loved Martha Beck's article. Her's are my favorite part of the magazine along with the book suggestions. Anyway, she listed lazy ways to make others feel better.

One of her suggestions was to pretend that everyone in the room loves you. I loved that suggestion. If I walked into my parents' house, I know everyone loves me and is happy to see me. I let down my guard and so do they. So I think another important aspect is to love everyone in the room back. Doing this I feel we can build much stronger connections and have happier days.

I do feel that I am usually cheerful and optimistic about things, especially at work. Today, things were just really getting me down.


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