Friday, June 14, 2013


My job at work used to be to  make pizzas for two hours, then do register/clean for six hours. This worked fine and dandy.

However, now we've had to make changes to the schedule due to some major conflicts and now I don't come in at 8:00am, but at 9:30. The job I do at 9:30 takes the other person coming in at 8:00am and working until 10:30 to complete. So, basically I have to come in an hour and a half later and do everything they did in one hour before I am FORCED to go do register.

Yesterday it went terribly. As soon as my other register girl came, I ran to the back to try and finish stuff up but it just wasn't working out. Not to mention one of my co-workers is REALLY grumpy in the morning and was just being a jerk to me. On the flip side, one co-worker was really sympathetic and helpful and it made me want to cry!

I'm hoping today goes better.

After all that running around yesterday morning the afternoon was great. My 'work boyfriend' was really sweet to me. It was wonderful. :)


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