Monday, June 17, 2013


Yesterday Spencer and I went out to eat at Arby's and discussed our finances. We don't have very much money and we need to start spending/saving. However, with bills and whatnot it is hard. Of course everyone has bills! We are no different, but it does seem more difficult than it has been.

Mostly, I think, because of the fact that he keeps paying for everything for his brother. Oh well. I can't be naggy towards him. It's just, we can't keep spending twenty dollars for ice cream every time he hangs out with us. It isn't okay that we have to pay for everything just for him to hang out.

Another thing: Yesterday Spencer and I did a couple good deeds. There was a poor man sitting outside Wal-Mart with a sign asking for help- any kind of help. We gave him a couple water bottles, some bananas, and we gave him the $10.00 gift card I got from work for being employee of the month. Later at Homeland there was a family who didn't quite have enough money and put back a little kid's lunchable. He was quite devastated, but was still behaving pretty well. We went ahead and bought it for them and he was very happy. Haha. :)
I know you aren't supposed to 'brag' about doing good things for others. But why not? If the feeling I get from talking about doing good makes ME happy. Then I'm more likely to do it more. Soooo hmph!


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