Monday, September 24, 2012

Are you kidding me!?

So, I was watching a video on YouTube about couponing when suddenly this picture came up on my screen. It and sign that claims to be from the F.B.I. I freaked out at first, wondering what on earth I did. It accused me of a.) Using or distributing copyrighted material, b.) Accessing porn, child pornography, or zooaphila, and c.) Allowing someone else to do the above things either from my computer or a remote site still using my computer.

When I read that I was like, really? I'm watching YouTube, if anyone is to blame it is YouTube! But then I read on and saw that it was asking for money. My particular scam picture showed retailers that I could purchase a MoneyPak from. First of all, the government doesn't care about what kind of money you give them, so I knew that it was a scam because of the MoneyPak thing, second of all it mentioned specific retailers which I would think would be against the law because maybe not everyone has access to these retailers.

Anyway, I wasn't able to exit out of it no matter what I did. I ended up getting on the iPad and looking up FBI scam. Tons of sites popped up with solutions for fixing it. I basically had to restart my computer in safe mode and manually go through my files and locate and delete the virus. It was scary because I could have deleted something essential to my computer. However, I didn't and I successfully managed to get rid of the virus.

I felt so accomplished, but also scared. How many people actually paid this fine in fear? Why do people have to scam others and steal their hard-earned money.

Even if you hadn't been doing the first two, the third allegation makes it seem like even if a virus or scam took over your computer and forced you to access these sites, then you were still responsible! How terrible!

The worse thing is, many of these scammers don't live within U.S. jurisdiction so they can continue scamming people and get away with it!

I've learned about some virus protection software that should help in the future.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting Crafty With It...

I've been wanting to try being a bit more crafty lately. I love the thought of creating something with my own hands and then using it! So, today I have pictures of two things I've made so far.

OSU no-sew blanket. That's my Chico 'modeling' it. Haha, honestly he's sleeping.

Spray painted Christmas tin. Which I eventually spray painted with orange glitter spray paint.

The final product. I wasn't prepared for how the glitter BLASTED out of the can. That's why it looks a little odd on this side. Oh well. Haha

I learned a couple of things about spray painting. First, spray in strips not random areas. Also, do coats otherwise spraying a lot of paint will make it run and you get a gross looking surface. I procrastinated so much on making the tin. I had all the materials for the longest time, but I couldn't get motivated to actually do it. Finally, I whipped it together and I'm content with the look. :)


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kitty- Cats!

So, Thomas is the Gonzales cat. He goes by Thomas, Tommy, Monster, Gorgeous Gato, Handsome man, Pretty kitty, and Pumpkin-doodle. Honestly, he probably doesn't go by anything... He just uses us as HE pleases.

First, he’s hamming it up for the camera. Then he decided I was taking too many pictures and started attacking the camera’s strap.

Lately we’ve been feeding and sometimes housing two cats from down the street. At first they were really cautious around us. Now they run into the house and make themselves feel comfortable. We don’t know for sure their real names, but I gave them Gonzales names.
We are pretty sure that they come over to our house so much because their own home has at least three small children and a dog. I imagine that it can be quite hectic over there. Plus, the food we have on the porch lures them in any time.
Here’s Herman. Sometimes if we don’t look too hard, we mistake him for Thomas. He is still skittish in the house, but loves to sleep on the couch.

Robin is a beautiful cat and is so little! He knows where the kitchen is and spends his time begging for lunch meat.

So those are the kitties. We aren't sure if the two "adopted" cats are fixed/neutered whichever one is for boys. They might not be allowed in the house for much longer! They are both beautiful cats though!

Thomas gets quite jealous sometimes. He will shun my mom and I if we pet the other two cats. He's getting a lot better, but he will absolutely NOT share a sleeping space with them.

We'll enjoy their company as long as they choose to grace us with it!

Monday, September 17, 2012


I have a problem with trying to do everything at once. I want to be a straight-A student, a wonderful/helpful daughter, a fit and flirty girlfriend, a crafty girl, a great friend, a chef, a reader, a deep thinker, a homework helper, AND still be caught up on Glee. I want to do this all instantaneously.

A little while back, Spencer told me that I should only do one project at a time. He was referring to my crafting project. I said, "Okay," and quickly completed my first craft- a no-sew fleece blanket. Then I started on a tin can decorating project, started majorly cleaning the house, signing up for tours of museums, and getting new blankets to make, thinking up scrapbook pages to do, making giant lists of extra studying I could do, making workout schedules, getting applications... etc. I need to slow down. I mean today, I pulled into the school parking lot and the fell straight asleep! Not planned!

It seems like I am either in "Go, go, go" mode or just off. I need to find that happy medium.

Besides, I need to make time for my happy little blog here.

I've decided that I am banned from purchasing books, lotion, and clothes. At least for now. I also need to stop spending money on crafting things until I start getting some of my projects finished. The library offers many of the books that I wish to buy or they offer something that I'd be just as happy reading! I tend to spend big money on books and I never reread books. I'm not going to buy any more clothes until I lose weight. Finally, I have enough lotion to last me until my birthday in April at least and if you add my mother's lotion... I have enough to last me until my thirtieth birthday. Haha. :) I should probably stop buying make-up too. Except for my powder and foundation on a need basis. I just bought some foundation so I should be good for a while. But my powder is running out.

I know I mentioned pictures. They'll come some day!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Taking a pause.

My cleaning, homework, and crafting motivation is dying. I have not been very motivated to do much. However, I'm not too concerned because I've had a relatively busy weekend and would love nothing more than just relaxing.

I've been to spectate Running the Streets 5k, Cathlene's cheerleading, played at the casino, purchased a camera, and completed some last minute homework assignments.

I suppose I don't need to be on go all the time.

Anywho, look forward to some pictures in the future!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Little Shopping

What makes any girl a little more happy? Shopping of course!

After buying my boyfriend some shoes for his birthday, I took a two hour nap. Then went to class and straight to Wal-Mart. I picked up some black spray paint, an Oprah magazine, and looked at the prices of the fleece.

Off to Hobby Lobby, I picked up a COWGIRL stencil and some orange glitter paint. I also took down a metal Cadberry container from our top cabinets. So, I'm primed and ready for my project! I'm pretty excited. :)

I've done very little today. I have picked up an application for Candy Craze which is in the mall. The kitchen and dishes are clean now to.

That concludes my happy little post.

I'm off to read O!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What to do?

So, I have been wanting to develop a hobby that does not consist solely of reading. I love my reading, but it isn't hard for me to incorporate it into my day. I want to do something that yields results of some sort. I would like to start crafting, cooking, and exercising.

I'm really getting into Pinterest again and the crafting ideas just look great. I'm already thinking of great Christmas presents that Spencer and I can give that won't be too expensive. I'm actually pretty excited because it will save us a lot of money. I made an OSU fleece blanket today! It's my first official craft during my happiness project. I'm currently covered up with it. I'll post pictures later. I'm can't wait to start my next project- it'll be even easier that this, though! Haha, and Spencer made up a rule that I have to finish one project before I start another. I think that that is a good rule. I tend to hop from one thing to another because of boredom, but if I focus I can get things done!

Also because of Pinterest, I'd like to get into cooking. I would love to learn how to cook more than just desserts! XD Haha. I do know I can make some yummy desserts, but that isn't very healthy. I just think I'd feel more mature if I knew how to cook meals that don't come from a box. Plus, I've noticed that after I cook, I don't feel as hungry.

Lastly, I want to develop exercising as a hobby. I'm starting to walk 30 minutes a day to get into the habit. Tonight's walk wasn't that great, but I plan on walking in the mornings anyway. Eventually, I'd like to start running, but for now I just want to get into the habit or moving. In the end, I hope to lose some body fat, gain some muscles, and drop a few sizes. I'll do a more in-depth post about this later.

I'm still thinking of possible hobbies to try. In the meantime, I'll just focus on these.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

John's Birthday

John is my godfather. He's been my dad's best friend for about twenty five years. His birthday was Monday, August 27. Anyway... I just wanted to give a quick little update about what we did. :)

Monday is actually a pretty busy day for the whole family so it wasn't until later on that night that we got to do anything together. We ended up going to the Red Apple Bowling Alley and playing a couple of games. Cathlene and I played some arcade games and won a whole bunch of tickets.

Afterwards Spencer and I went to Wal-Mart and he bought John a cookie cake. So we ate some of that and ended the night with Sequence. Sequence is a board game where you have to get five in a row. My family really likes to get competitive with it.

That's all!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Cleaning Progress

Over the last week or two I've been doing some major cleaning.

Because I live between two houses (my parent's house and my boyfriend's place) I'm constantly unsure of the whereabouts of any clothing that I am currently not wearing. To solve this, I decided to move all my clothes to my boyfriend's place and just bring 5 outfits a week over to my parent's house. I washed a lot of laundry and even managed to get my boyfriend to go through his clothes to get rid of stuff. I managed to weed out things I wouldn't/couldn't wear so that we ended up splitting his closet right down the middle. We've even split his dresser in half too, but I secretly have one whole drawer empty in it. Like Gretchen in The Happiness Project, I feel so liberated by knowing I can shove anything in that drawer to pick up last minute if someone comes over.

The Closet
Spencer helped me sort through a hall closet at my parents house. I really wish I could have gotten a before and after picture. The thing was filled to the tippy top and I filled two industrial sized trash bags, three boxes, and still have some stuff next to the closet to get rid of. We had computer boxes, tv boxes, shoe boxes, an old computer monitor, paint cans, paint brushes, tack strips, screw drives, luggage, a bike pump, sand paper, sanders, power tools, trimming, razor blades, marbles, washers, facets, outlet covers, lightswitch covers, and SO much more.
Then I moved in my stuff. :) I have a couple shirts in there, my two boxes of random stuff, a six shelf hanging organizer, my over the door shoe organizer, my backpack, and a shelf unit, and lastly a three piece drawer thing. The closet door won't close though because of my shoe organizer. I don't care though. I'm just glad I have most my stuff out of the living room.

The Dining Room
Our dining room used to be lined with boxes from wall to wall. I basically threw everything away or compacted like things into a few boxes. The boxes that were now emptied got used to clean out the closet (above). Then I swept and vaccuumed. This was such a back breaking thing to do, but I know my mom will appreciate it when she has to work with the kid she watches in there.

The Kitchen
After making Spencer's birthday "cake," I decided to do the dishes. With the dishes comes cleaning the counters and sweeping the floor. My kind and thoughtful brother helped me decide on mopping the floor by smashing my Diet Dr. Pepper (accidentally) to the ground. Sooo, I mopped the floor as well.

I haven't done much in the bathrooms. So far I've only cleaned one toilet and cleared off some sink space. Plus, I put my laundry hamper in the bathroom so that we won't have a giant pile of clothes on the ground. :) I hope it keeps things from getting so soggy.

My next goal is to take the rest of the stuff out to the garage and bring in some pillows.

That's all for now. :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Things that Make Me Happy...

  1. Spending time with my family (when they are all getting along)
  2. Going for walks
  3. Finishing a to-do list
  4. The smell of clean laundry
  5. Playing Call of Duty Black Ops
  6. Feeling like a good girlfriend
  7. Feeling like a good daughter
  8. Feeling like a good sister
  9. Spending time with my kitty-cat
  10. Taking the dogs for a walk
  11. Making people happy
  12. Getting E-mails from friends
  13. Feeling cute
  14. Making something that people love (as in desserts)
  15. Having cleaned a whole room
  16. Finishing a book
  17. Going to the library
  18. Reading Magazines
  19. Turning in homework on time
  20. Meeting new people/making new friends