Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Wednesday I had two assignments due- An International Economics assignment and an Employment and Labor essay assignment. I waited last minute to do both when I've had ample time to do them during the last few days. I barely completed them with time to spare. It was definitely stressful and rushed. Doing these assignments last minute as opposed to ahead of schedule like I had been doing really forced me to notice how it affected my mood and my day.

I had to leave an hour early for school to have access to a printer and computer. In addition, the computer lab was almost full when I came and everyone was printing things. Running out of paper in the printer was a major concern of mine! Luckily, I managed to complete the homework and get to class right on time. However, my papers were not stapled, my graphs were not as detailed or professional as I'd like, and I'm slightly worried that I did not provide enough evidence for my answers.

My last assignment was due at 11:59pm on Wednesday night. I was required to write an essay that was about unions. I had neither read the chapter, nor written an essay like it. I had to quickly do research, help my brother with his math, entertain my godfather, eat dinner, and write my essay. It was incredibly distracting! That essay could have definitely been better and I should not have waited that long to do it. It's like Murphy's Law- what can go wrong, will go wrong. Everything and everyone wanted my attention during the final hours left until it was due. I BARELY was able to turn it in.

This is definitely a lesson and a warning. I need to be more attentive to my schoolwork and stay ahead. I make plans in my planner but do not follow through at all. I'm going to make an extra strong effort over the next few days to catch completely up in all my classes and get back on track.

I can do it!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Second Week Of Fall Semester

Update on my goals... I haven't been getting the sleep like I've wanted. In fact, it is like my family is conspiring against me. Because I don't have a room, I don't have any quiet place to escape to and the noise of the T.V. definitely keeps me up. So do the lights of the T.V. But it is around 10pm that they decide to come out and watch a movie or play games. Kind of annoying, but at the same time I like spending time with them. Last night, however, I only got four hours of sleep. That is definitely NOT good.

Yesterday I gave the dogs a bath, mopped the back porch, cleaned up some garbage, folded mine and Cathlene's laundry, swept the front porch, washed the cars and tidied up the living room a little bit. So my tidying up goal is going pretty well.

Today Spencer and I took the dogs on a walk. I think we went on a walk on one other day this week. So, at least that's twice this week! We walked them over to Sasha's place and they played with their dogs sort of. So there was: Fiona, Toasty, Lane, Timber, and Cocoa! Haha. It was such a cute pack! :D I should have taken a picture. But this KIND of counts as doing something not with the family. I mean... eventually Sasha will be family... but not yet!

I think I've been doing pretty well about relaxing. At least, I haven't been getting super down about things and I've been relatively active and friendly. It's amazing how much better my life feels now compared to how I felt at OSU.

I've also been doing my homework and reading my books. However, I only received a 50% on my first International Economics quiz. :( I studied for it too! At least I know what the questions will be like now, though so that's good.

I applied at Food Pyramid this week with Junior and Tracy. There were sooo many people there. I'm not getting my hopes up about it. I think it would be nice to have a bit of income. The little bit that I saved from last year is dwindling with Netflix, Tanning, and Phone Card reductions. The tanning one is especially stupid! I don't even live in Stillwater and they never answer when I call! RAWR!!

Lastly, I recently went to talk to a professor about an assignment and she eventually introduced me to an advisor. Together they managed to get my Statistics class from OSU to transfer over to RSU by having the department head approve the transfer! So, I dropped my Statistics class and now I have to add this Employment and Labor class to stay full time. However, the normal drop/add deadline has been reached so I have to get his signature and do everything the hard way. :( I have to wait until 1:00pm to do that though. So, I'm just sitting here. I'm excited though! This will help me move along faster.

I've also read a whole bunch of Wuthering Heights. I'm struggling to NOT finish it because I don't want to get too ahead of Jori and ruin in for her. It is so good! And now I see the strange behavior that Heathcliff has and why the introduction talked about it so detached and un-understanding. He's a freaking crazy man. Catherine and her daughter Catherine are both odd, spoiled people too. So many crazy, self-absorbed people living so close to each other! They all deserve each other I guess.

That is a rough idea of what I've been up to this week! :)

                      Hasta luego!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lovely New Blog

I realized that I prefer to type more than I do write because it goes by much faster. So, I've decided to make a blog!

My hopes with this blog is that I will be able to record my life, the ups and downs, so that later on I can come back and see how things have changed. I may even pass the link on to people I know so that they can stay up-to-date. :)

I'm starting my second week of school at Roger State University as a Human Resource Management Major. I love the idea of becoming part of Human Resource Management. Prior to RSU, I attended OSU as an Accounting major. I had come across many obstacles with that route. First, I wasn't that talented in Accounting. Second, I didn't react well to being separated from my loved ones for that long. Lastly, the cost was immense!

I'm hoping that I can live a more balanced life by going to RSU and staying in my hometown with my family.

Wuthering Heights is turning out to be a great book. The introduction, for me, made the book sound like it was going to be dull or... strange. And while some of the actions of the characters are strange, it is by no means out of the ordinary in modern times. I wish Heathcliff and Catherine were able to be together during life, however maybe they deserve to be constantly separated due to the fact that they are arrogant and ill tempered. I'm actually reading this book with Jori as part of our 'book club.' I wish she wasn't so tied up with her proceedings for Spain so that we could discuss the book more, but she needs to set her priorities straight and the start of her Spanish adventure is quickly approaching.

One more thing I did want to mention is my 'Happiness Project' which I decided to undergo due to a book I've been reading cleverly called The Happiness Project. I've come up with a few goals that I want to work hard towards achieving that I think will increase my happiness overall. They are as follows:
  1. Get 8 and only 8 hours of sleep a night. (Bed by 10pm, wake by 6am)
  2. Exercise daily. (Morning walk, workout during the day)
  3. Engage socially. (Do something AT LEAST once a month with non-family members)
  4. Finish homework in a timely manner. (Work during down hours at school)
  5. Clean regularly. (Tidy up areas around the house every so often)
  6. Relax. (Learn to quelch any random feelings of anxiety.

Thanks for reading,