Saturday, September 1, 2012

Things that Make Me Happy...

  1. Spending time with my family (when they are all getting along)
  2. Going for walks
  3. Finishing a to-do list
  4. The smell of clean laundry
  5. Playing Call of Duty Black Ops
  6. Feeling like a good girlfriend
  7. Feeling like a good daughter
  8. Feeling like a good sister
  9. Spending time with my kitty-cat
  10. Taking the dogs for a walk
  11. Making people happy
  12. Getting E-mails from friends
  13. Feeling cute
  14. Making something that people love (as in desserts)
  15. Having cleaned a whole room
  16. Finishing a book
  17. Going to the library
  18. Reading Magazines
  19. Turning in homework on time
  20. Meeting new people/making new friends

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