Monday, September 17, 2012


I have a problem with trying to do everything at once. I want to be a straight-A student, a wonderful/helpful daughter, a fit and flirty girlfriend, a crafty girl, a great friend, a chef, a reader, a deep thinker, a homework helper, AND still be caught up on Glee. I want to do this all instantaneously.

A little while back, Spencer told me that I should only do one project at a time. He was referring to my crafting project. I said, "Okay," and quickly completed my first craft- a no-sew fleece blanket. Then I started on a tin can decorating project, started majorly cleaning the house, signing up for tours of museums, and getting new blankets to make, thinking up scrapbook pages to do, making giant lists of extra studying I could do, making workout schedules, getting applications... etc. I need to slow down. I mean today, I pulled into the school parking lot and the fell straight asleep! Not planned!

It seems like I am either in "Go, go, go" mode or just off. I need to find that happy medium.

Besides, I need to make time for my happy little blog here.

I've decided that I am banned from purchasing books, lotion, and clothes. At least for now. I also need to stop spending money on crafting things until I start getting some of my projects finished. The library offers many of the books that I wish to buy or they offer something that I'd be just as happy reading! I tend to spend big money on books and I never reread books. I'm not going to buy any more clothes until I lose weight. Finally, I have enough lotion to last me until my birthday in April at least and if you add my mother's lotion... I have enough to last me until my thirtieth birthday. Haha. :) I should probably stop buying make-up too. Except for my powder and foundation on a need basis. I just bought some foundation so I should be good for a while. But my powder is running out.

I know I mentioned pictures. They'll come some day!


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