Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Little Shopping

What makes any girl a little more happy? Shopping of course!

After buying my boyfriend some shoes for his birthday, I took a two hour nap. Then went to class and straight to Wal-Mart. I picked up some black spray paint, an Oprah magazine, and looked at the prices of the fleece.

Off to Hobby Lobby, I picked up a COWGIRL stencil and some orange glitter paint. I also took down a metal Cadberry container from our top cabinets. So, I'm primed and ready for my project! I'm pretty excited. :)

I've done very little today. I have picked up an application for Candy Craze which is in the mall. The kitchen and dishes are clean now to.

That concludes my happy little post.

I'm off to read O!


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