Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kitty- Cats!

So, Thomas is the Gonzales cat. He goes by Thomas, Tommy, Monster, Gorgeous Gato, Handsome man, Pretty kitty, and Pumpkin-doodle. Honestly, he probably doesn't go by anything... He just uses us as HE pleases.

First, he’s hamming it up for the camera. Then he decided I was taking too many pictures and started attacking the camera’s strap.

Lately we’ve been feeding and sometimes housing two cats from down the street. At first they were really cautious around us. Now they run into the house and make themselves feel comfortable. We don’t know for sure their real names, but I gave them Gonzales names.
We are pretty sure that they come over to our house so much because their own home has at least three small children and a dog. I imagine that it can be quite hectic over there. Plus, the food we have on the porch lures them in any time.
Here’s Herman. Sometimes if we don’t look too hard, we mistake him for Thomas. He is still skittish in the house, but loves to sleep on the couch.

Robin is a beautiful cat and is so little! He knows where the kitchen is and spends his time begging for lunch meat.

So those are the kitties. We aren't sure if the two "adopted" cats are fixed/neutered whichever one is for boys. They might not be allowed in the house for much longer! They are both beautiful cats though!

Thomas gets quite jealous sometimes. He will shun my mom and I if we pet the other two cats. He's getting a lot better, but he will absolutely NOT share a sleeping space with them.

We'll enjoy their company as long as they choose to grace us with it!

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