Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting Crafty With It...

I've been wanting to try being a bit more crafty lately. I love the thought of creating something with my own hands and then using it! So, today I have pictures of two things I've made so far.

OSU no-sew blanket. That's my Chico 'modeling' it. Haha, honestly he's sleeping.

Spray painted Christmas tin. Which I eventually spray painted with orange glitter spray paint.

The final product. I wasn't prepared for how the glitter BLASTED out of the can. That's why it looks a little odd on this side. Oh well. Haha

I learned a couple of things about spray painting. First, spray in strips not random areas. Also, do coats otherwise spraying a lot of paint will make it run and you get a gross looking surface. I procrastinated so much on making the tin. I had all the materials for the longest time, but I couldn't get motivated to actually do it. Finally, I whipped it together and I'm content with the look. :)


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