Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why do I Love October?

Spencer and I bought the newest Resident Evil. :) We've played the last two-player together, but it took awhile for Capcom to make another two-player game for Resident Evil. This one comes with three different campaigns. Right now, we are playing the campaign with Leon and Helena.

Playing Resident Evil freaks me out a lot, but it's a nice break from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

In addition, we've been watching an episode of season two Walking Dead everyday. I buy Netflix for 7.99 a month and we don't use it as much as I wish. Now, that we've been watching this I'm glad I still pay for it. I love Daryl. His character is really rough, grungy, crude, and rude, but I love him! Haha. Plus, I love that he uses his crossbow instead of a gun. Another GIANT plus... He's from my FAVORITE movie- Boondock Saints. :)

One more reason I love October- the weather. We've been getting rain, having cold days, trees turning beautiful colors, it just feels like there is a sense of relief in the world after all that heat and drought!

I'm off into enjoy some more!

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