Friday, October 12, 2012

A Message from Above

"You have gotten so used to a bad situation that it has become the norm for you. That doesn't mean it's okay to linger in that situation any longer. Somewhere deep down inside you know that something is wrong, though you probably don't consciously acknowledge it to yourself or to others. It's time to face the fact, Aries. You deserve much bettre than what you've come to accept as you lot in life. First you need to come to grips with the fact that a change is needed. Then you need to get started making a change. You deserve it." Horoscope (Aries) 10/9/12

Wow. Sometimes I think horoscopes are just fluff, but this one really hit home. It is so true. Especially in the aspect of my International Economics class. I've really been slacking off from that one. I'm going to e-mail the teacher now and will force myself to go to the next class. I need to get back into control of this situation. My grades are important to me and one reason I tend to get depressed is if I fall behind in classes. I need to be proactive.


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