Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I love firsts! Today is October 1st in case you were wondering what I meant. J I just feel like it’s a fresh start each time! An added bonus- It falls on a Monday! I think that is absolutely wonderful. Monday is what I consider the beginning of the week and with it being the first, this is a perfect opportunity to start off with a clean slate. So, to kick off this week and month I wanted to post a quote:
“I wish to preach, not the doctrine of ignoble ease, but the doctrine of the strenuous life, the life of toil and effort, of labor and strife; to preach that the highest form of success which comes, not to the man who desires mere easy peace, but to the man who does not shrink from danger, from hardship, or from bitter toil. And who out of these wins the splendid ultimate triumph.
A life of slothful ease, a life of that peace which springs merely from lack either of desire or of power to strive after great things, is as little worthy of a nation as of an individual.”
-          Theodore Roosevelt
This is just the kind of inspiration I need. I’ve been getting rather mopey and lazy as of late and this sheds some light for me. I need to get busy! When I get busy and accomplish things, I develop more of a positive attitude and get more enjoyment from my day.
That being said, I created a couple challenges for myself or went out and searched for some anyway…
First up is a nail challenge! This one is going to be so much fun for me! I love doing my nails and wearing my creations around town. Most people love my nails after I put some real effort into them. A bonus is that I also love October and all the Halloween-themed things that come with it. I’m a fan of the haunted houses and spook walks. I love carving pumpkins and eating candy. What’s not to love about October? I found this challenge Here. J

Next is my health challenge! I truly want to get in shape and I’m sick and tired of JUST saying it. I am going to start doing cardio at least three times a week and strength training at least twice a week. I want to fit into smaller clothes and start loving my body. My BMI is currently in the obese category which is not acceptable to me. I want to make being healthy a habit, not a period in my life. So, the actual challenge this month is to work out a total of five times a  week, drink 8 ‘glasses’ of water (64 oz), and eat at least one fruit or vegetable a day.
Craft challenge: For this challenge I simply need to do four crafts this month, about one for every week. Basically, I’ve been putting off my crafting and have tons of projects to complete before I move on to different things or add more possibilities to my plate. Plus, I’m running out of room to store all my supplies!
Organization challenge: I believe that this will be the hardest one of all, probably because it encompasses so much within this category. I need to get back on track with school. I’ve been missing a few days and haven’t been studying as much which is not a habit that I want to keep up. So, I need start organizing my time a bit better along with my essential materials to get through a day. I’ve made myself a couple printables to help keep up with my day. Have you ever heard of a home management binder? Well basically, I’m making a Lexy management binder. It is going to be great! But I’m still working on it. J I’ll show you it in the future. This focus of this challenge is to streamline my planning to accomplish what I need done without last minute freak outs.
Off to get happy,

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