Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weight Update

Like I've mentioned before. I have joined Weight Watchers. I've been a member since February 14th, 2013.

 Many people think this is a waste of money. That once you have the information, there is no point in paying about $45 a month just to weigh-in. However, I definitely feel differently. I do weigh-in once a week, on Thursdays and then sit through a half-hour long meeting. They write down my weight, keep it private if I gain, and celebrate if I lose- especially if it is a milestone loss.

I've loss my first five pounds, my 5% goal, and my second five pounds. So, in all I've lost 10.2 pounds! Would I have lost weight without Weight Watchers?! I absolutely do not think so!

Having a weekly meeting hanging over my head does help me make better decisions and I've been able to drastically reduce my portion sizes and eat until satisfied, not stuffed. I love the humor at my meetings and the fun in being surrounded by like-minded people.

I would definitely suggest Weight Watchers to anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way. I believe that if you follow the program like intended that the weight will come off, and stay off. Even if you stop tracking points religiously. I don't feel like you have to stay in the program forever and I don't feel like it is a fad diet. I still eat what I want- I seriously do. I just don't eat four servings of everything. You learn to appreciate flavors and to increase intake of fruits and veggies.

Like I said, I've lost a little over 10 pounds, so I'm super happy! My leader suggested that I set a new goal of 15 pounds which is totally doable!! :D I'm looking forward to meeting my new goal and integrating working out into my routine.


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