Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And Baby Makes Three.

And by baby I mean kitty.

Meet Kiki!

 We went to the ASPCA one day to pick up a kitten. I was very emotional that day and ended up crying twice while at the pound.

One lady was giving up her dog. I just can't grasp reaching a point where I would give up an animal. I very strongly believe that animals are a part of your family once you adopt them. You don't drop your son off somewhere. For all that owner knows, that dog is going straight to its death!

Anyway, I digress, we went looking for a kitten. We wanted to start our own little family with an adorable little ball of fur. The woman told us that they didn't have any kittens, so did we even want to bother looking? Are you kidding me?! Like I'm EVER going to pass on a chance to hang out with some cool cats. :) So we went to the little trailer that is not attached to the building at all.

The second we walked in, all the cats woke up and were throwing themselves at the cages, trying to get pet. It made me sooooo sad. I'm used to cats being such independent, stuck-up snobs who don't need anyone. I couldn't fathom how lonely those cats were to be soooo eager for human contact.

I instantly was drawn to this giant male cat who was just beautiful and of course he was taken. No problem. I should have known, plus this way I know at least one of those cats had a home.

So we are looking at the cats and petting them all and spending time with them all. This particular trailer had some younger cats who weren't quite mature but weren't kittens. Did I get one of those cats? Nope.

I go to the last cage in the corner of the trailer, bottom row. And there is a beautiful, mostly white calico with GIANT GIANT GIANT blue eyes. Wow, those eyes! I stick my hand in to pet her and you know what she does? She licks me! I loved her! Her information said that her name was Absinthe and that she was two years old (the oldest cat in the trailer!), declawed in the front, and that her previous owner had had her for almost a year and then had 'decided' that she was allergic to the cat. Are you kidding me?!

I start thinking about our white couch and how great it would be to get a white cat whose hair won't show up on it. Her being declawed was also a big bonus because she wouldn't tear it up.

After much fighting and a lot of whining, we finally got Kiki into a cat carrier and filled out her paperwork then took her home. On the way home, her pitiful meowing and scary tearing up of the box forced me to let her out. She realized she was in a car, freaked out, climbed onto my shoulder, and panted the rest of the way home.

For the first hour or so she stayed under the bed. Then, as you can see, we managed to get her to play.

So, that's the story of how I went to the ASPCA to get a kitten and ended up getting the oldest cat they had!

                                    Lexy (and Kiki)

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