Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Weight Loss Plan

So, as of February 14th I have been a member of weight watchers 360. All in all I have lost seven pounds over the course of five weeks.

At first my weight loss was fairly rapid as I strictly adhered to the guidelines. Then, I became bored with the system and enthralled with candy and fast food that I began not tracking my points and eating less fruit.

However, after gaining .2 pounds at the last meeting, I have renewed my attempt. I have been hardcore planning my meals and tracking points. I've made extensive use of my scales and measuring cups. I've learned the importance of protein in a diet and how much drinking water influences hunger. We'll see on Thursday how much I weigh and how this week went. I'm incredibly optimistic because I've put in the effort this last week and it seems to be getting easier.

In addition to joining weight watchers 360, I have also joined a gym, Colaw. I know, kinda silly since I get a free membership at the YMCA because of my brother working there, but at Colaw it is only $9 a month if I go a minimum of 12 times for 15 minutes each. That is incredible incentive to me! If I do not go that many times, the price increases to $30.00 a month! Plus, there is free tanning!

My current short term goal is to lose ten pounds by April 13, my birthday! :)

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