Sunday, February 3, 2013

Study Sunday

          Focusing on studying on Sunday is a great way to get prepared for your week. Most classes give out a prepared schedule for the semester with the syllabus. Look ahead and mark the chapters you need to read in each class. I personally like to do my homework and studying in the order it is due. When I first get my syllabus, I go through and add everything to my agenda to have a one-stop shop for my Sunday to-do list.

        My list includes high-importance homework items first in order that they need to be done, then high importance studying, then low importance homework. For example, if I have reading chapter questions due on Tuesday I do those first, then I study for my Monday night class by reading the chapter and reading any available notes online, then I work homework that is due Thursday. I have to force myself to study individual classes between doing all my homework assignments because I’ll often just leave studying for another time which hardly ever actually happens. Studying and not just doing homework is very important to achieving success. 

       All in all, the main idea is that things you will be held immediately accountable by matter of grades come first. 

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