Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weigh-in Wednesday Wk. 4

174 pounds... Again.

I've been working out over this past week. Doing at least 5 miles on the bike and jogging/walking at least 1 mile per a gym session. In addition, I've done some weights.

The weight is staying because I keep eating! We went to the movies and I chowed down on candy the whole time... and I mean chowed down! No nibbling for this girl. Plus, I've been drinking sugary/calorie filled pop and noshing on potato chips like they'll be discontinued tomorrow. My fast food habit has gone down and pizza/pasta is on the dinner/lunch list every day considering that is where I work.

I bought some workout clothes courtesy of my loving and caring boyfriend. Of course, who do you think paid for all the candy and fast food? I still love him. :)

I seriously need to focus on water and less junky food. Says the girl who just ate a Lindor chocolate truffle.


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