Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting Weight Wk. 1

So, I am posting some pictures of myself as I currently am. These will become my before pictures, my fat pictures. As you can see I have a laaaarge stomach, a fat chin, fatty arms, and huge thighs. It is not as abundantly apparent, because my pictures are not of my face, but I have a round face also. Haha, actually everything on me is round! It'll all change soon!  
((I was hiccupping during this picture.))
 My plan is to start off slow and only aim to lose one pound a week. I know that I lose motivation quickly and if I don't see the results I expect then I get discouraged. Now I'm going to expect more realistic results and if I go above and beyond then YAY! If not, then I can still make up for it.
The sports bra and shorts are both extra large sizes.

My ultimate goal is to work off about 42 pounds to get to 130 pounds.

I can't wait to get rid of that unsightly back fat rolls!

My starting stats are as follows:
  • Weight- 172 pounds
  • Neck- 14 inches
  • Right Bicep- 13 inches
  • Waist- 36 inches
  • Stomach- 42 inches
  • Left Thigh- 26.5 inches
I am going to start doing cardio at least three times a week and strength training twice a week. I'm so sick of feeling awful because of my weight. I truly used to think that people who 'hid' behind their weight did not exist... Like, how are you going to HIDE behind your fat? Well, I do think I use my weight as an excuse. It's the reason I'm not happy, the reason people don't like me or at least the reason I shouldn't talk to people because they won't like me because I'm fat... And so on and on. I'm ashamed to have let myself get this far, but it will change.
I feel as if I am on repeat, but I truly feel that this is the time I'm going to change. My goals are realistic and my schedule allows me ample time and little room for excuses. I have all the correct gear and opportunities to do this.
My before pictures and statistics are posted. I can't wait to show off the after!

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