Friday, January 25, 2013

Closet Cleaning

"I said, I'm sorry Mama, I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to make you cry but tonight, I'm cleaning out my closet." Eminem (hottest man alive!)
I am a college student. I used to go to OSU, but found it wasn't my cup of tea (as far as the school itself- I LOVE the people) and that I was incredibly homesick. I ended up transferring to RSU a local college and I moved back home. The second I had moved out the door or my house, my little sister took my room and my godfather took her room. So, when I cam back I had NO WHERE to put my stuff. The put tons of it in the garage, but a girl has to be able to get dressed! Our garage is NOT attached, nor organized. It was a headache every time I had to go out there to find and get something. I had little piles of stuff in the living room which my mom would get ticked off about. So she moved it to the dining room, which is where my family likes to dump ALL of their clothes and so I wouldn't be able to find my stuff or they would have mixed it with their dirty clothes which obviously would anger me. Finally, I cleaned this hall closet that had tons of painting stuff, molding (which was never put up), and boxes- ALL from the last 10 years!
So, I occupied it for sometime. Then I got lazy and... Well, I'll just show you. 
Magazines, backpacks, lunch bags, sticky notes, stuffed animals, and clothes all littered the ground. In addition my organizer down the center of my closet was too packed with clothing and was spitting it all back up.

Then there was this weird looking tan thing hanging up that I used for my jewelry.

So, I bought this! I knew I could use it for something!

I spray-painted it using a purple glitter and hung it up using a 3m command hook. I absolutely love those things!! I through a couple scarfs on it, and dangled some of my favorite necklaces.
 Then I got a little handy and pulled out a flat-head screwdriver and took that ugly tan thing out! I put some more command hooks up and hung more jewelry including my earrings. By the way, I made that earring holder back at OSU to save space. I just recycled a Ramen Noodle box by cutting a heart out and covering with scrapbook paper and then poked holes in it and pulled the ribbon through.

As you can see, clothing isn't falling out of the organizer and I've definitely pared down my over the door organizer. Also, I color-coordinated my clothes with shirts/cardigans on one side and tanks, dresses, sweat pants on the other. One thing I realized is odd- I fold my jeans and hang my sweatpants. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around.
 Finally, here is the ground! What a lovely ground it is! Now I can have a dance party in my closet and you're invited!
It feels great to have my closet done because it was making me miserable every time I had to get something out of it. Plus, I'm sure my family members appreciate not seeing an avalanche of items spilling out of my closet.


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